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COMMERCIALS VS REALITY - What professional sharpeners say about pull-through knife sharpeners

Updated: May 17, 2021

“They are some of the worst if you care about your knife. They work by pealing back steel on either side of the edge. the result is a jagged edge that rips instead of cuts. Save yourself some grief and just pick up a guided system or a few stones”

“It is carbide cutters removing metal. Yes they work to a point. Yes they can do considerable damage to a blade with extensive use, or sometimes a single use. The sharpener will pull out chips at times, and because there is no depth control, the blade will become wavy and uneven. Look at how much material is removed in the video.”

“They suck and will ruin your knives.”

“It will ruin a good knife.”

“Worst thing to do to a good knife...”

“It's a scam. You can tell by the way he was holding that cleaver to cut.”

“I'm a professional knife sharpener and I can tell you this, I restore so many knives due to people buying into these cash grab garbage sharpeners. The single most worst way to sharpen anything. Don't do it.”

“Good way to screw up a good knife.”

“Garbage. It chews up your steel and leaves a shitty jagged edge.”

“Run away from it... Whoever makes a video sharpening a rusted knife like that, doesn't give a monkey about your knife... Only want your money “

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