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As a professional sharpener, I am always proud of my jobs are done for my customers, especially when knives sharpened. All knives tested and securely wrapped before handed over.

Then, customers often ask me for advice on how to maintain the sharpness of the blade I just sharpened to razor-sharp. Please welcome some expert advice on how to extend the lifetime of your much-beloved kitchen knives.

Knives become dull after a while even if used properly. Customers often ask me for advice on how to maintain the sharpness of the knives I just sharpened.

The first thing I tell them, it would be best to avoid the gimmicky gadgets pull-through type sharpeners sold on the market everywhere as a world-changing solution. Some of them work to a point and can give some instant result but they can do considerable damage to a blade with extensive use, or sometimes a single use. (I restore so many knives due to people buying into these cash grab garbage sharpeners.)

The best advice I can give them to buy a good quality!!! ceramic or steel honing rod and learn how to use it. It is not rocket science... it's easy as painting stripes on a zebra, just need some practice. There are plenty of videos and tutorials on YouTube, most of them show the safe and effective way how to maintain the sharpness of the knife edge.

Besides the written above here are my 8 golden rules what can help you to extend the sharpness and lifetime of your valuable kitchen knives. The 8 golden rule: -Use the knife on food, food and only food. -Wash and dry every single use. -Treat your carbon steel knife with food-safe mineral oil. -Use the right cutting board. Don't use glass, marble, granite or similar. -Stop scraping food off your cutting board with the knife edge. -Never, ever the dishwasher. -Don't toss the knives into the drawer without a slave. -Don't use pull-through knife sharpeners.

To read more about pull-through sharpeners and why they aren't recommended:

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