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Itto Ryu Tsuchime Higonokami folding knife

Another great job is done... I brought back to the former glory this great example of Japanese workmanship. The San-Mai (three-layer) blade was badly distressed and a bit rusty.

If you like traditional and ancestral Japan, this knife is made for you! This old-looking soft-iron hammered handle and blade will dive you into another century and country. This cut is excellent with this Aogami core carbon steel blade. It needs a bit of maintenance to keep it clean, but it worths it.

Higonokami Knives are traditionally made non-locking folding knives made in Japan. Most class as 'legal carry' in the UK but as always, please check blade length and local laws before purchasing.

Japanese Knife Itto Ryu Tsuchime higonokami.

Friction system.

Aogami core carbon steel blade.

...and the final sharpness test.

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