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What to do when your sawblade worn down?

You may know that your blade is getting dull, but you put off sharpening it because you want to finish a project. This is a bad idea if you are using a pricey, high-quality saw blade. You shouldn’t use your high-quality blades when you know they are worn down.

As the blade wears down, it generates more heat as it cuts. Heat is bad for the saw blade. Excessive heat will cause the saw blade to warp, and will lead to increased vibration during cuts.

This will lead to inaccurate cuts, and a bigger expense when you get your blade sharpened. Because now the warped blade will need to be flattened, as well as sharpened. When it’s time to sharpen your high-quality blade, have them sharped as soon as possible. Or at the very least do not use them. You might save yourself a few pounds in the long run.

(Source: toolboxtoday.)

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